Beach and Botanic Garden Wedding Portraits with Haibo and Shen

They met at the airport during a layover.  He asked where she was going, she said CMU.  Turns out, he was too!  It was history in the making from there.  I was overjoyed when Haibo asked me to document this gorgeous day.  They are getting married in China in December but wanted photos taken before they left to have on display.  A wedding in China, how amazing!!  Stunning dress, sweet couple, lovely day…trifecta to a perfect session.  Show Haibo and Shen some love!!

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Warehouse and Rocketts Landing Session with Natalia

I loved my first meeting with Natalia – She’s a photographer too!  I have the amazing opportunity to work with so many aspiring photographers and it’s truly a blessing and makes the experience epic in so many ways for everyone.  Everyone go check out her work now!! Besides being a fellow artsy creative, Natalia has an impeccable taste in style – um hello check out her outfit choices – and a gorgeous confidence that just beams from every photo.  She’s the perfect camera subject (and sweetest person!) in every way!

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Country Farm and Field with Julia

Julia is a gorgeous and sweet senior at Trinity this year and I adore her.  When she asked to have her session in a more rural setting I was overjoyed!  I love my architectural backdrops, but having sessions like Julia’s are always refreshing from my normal photo haunts.  Please show this sweet girl some love!

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Carrie Underwood Inspired Senior Session with Andrea

Andrea has got some serious style.  Seriously.  I almost passed out when I saw her outfit choices, they were that amazing!  And that girl knows how to work the model face, such a pro it’s ridiculous.  Totally channeling her Carrie Underwood inspiration. Check out this glamorous and chic senior session.  It’s going to blow your mind!!

2013-09-25_0001 2013-09-25_0002 2013-09-25_0003 2013-09-25_0004 2013-09-25_0005 2013-09-25_0006 2013-09-25_0007 2013-09-25_0008 2013-09-25_0009 2013-09-25_0010 2013-09-25_0011 2013-09-25_0012 2013-09-25_0013 2013-09-25_0014 2013-09-25_0015 2013-09-25_0016 2013-09-25_0017 2013-09-25_0018 2013-09-25_0019 2013-09-25_0020 2013-09-25_0021 2013-09-25_0022 2013-09-25_0023 2013-09-25_0024 2013-09-25_0025


Makeup: Makeup by Krista Rose

Hair: Hair by Britny

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Dramatic and Bold Senior Session with Alisha

One huge thing I love about my seniors is that they love drama!  When I say drama I mean bold artistic choices, gorgeous wardrobe, killer makeup, an incredible sense of style, and just an overall empowering sense of the “wow” factor.  This is totally what you will see in Alisha’s session!  She took some natural beauty shots but then we totally vamped it up with some black and gold eyeshadow and gorgeous lashes, then tacked on an incredible gold and coral dress – bam – DRAMA.  You will totally feel the Vogue love in this session and I know you are going to obsess over it as much as I have!

2013-09-17_0177 2013-09-17_0189 2013-09-17_0190 2013-09-17_0201 2013-09-17_0206 2013-09-17_0211 2013-09-17_0214 2013-09-17_0218 2013-09-17_0221 2013-09-17_0226 2013-09-17_0228 2013-09-17_0235 2013-09-17_0236 2013-09-17_0239 2013-09-17_0243 2013-09-17_0246 2013-09-17_0247 2013-09-17_0249 2013-09-17_0250 2013-09-17_0253 2013-09-17_0255 2013-09-17_0262 2013-09-17_0265 2013-09-17_0267 2013-09-17_0268 2013-09-17_0269Makeup – Makeup by Krista Rose

Hair – Britny Bassett

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