Adventures and Goals in Williamsburg

I moved to Williamsburg at the end of March, right when I got back from my NYC trip.  I never seem to give myself time to breathe, but I like to just keep moving or I feel as though I’m wasting time.  This was a big decision on my part, a leap of faith.  I don’t know anyone in Williamsburg except for my roommate (who happens to be my sister).  For an introvert like me that can be extremely overwhelming, but also really nice.

I don’t mind doing things by myself.  In fact, I usually prefer it.  It’s why I travel alone, to het exactly what I want out of the experience without burdening anyone else.  Except for Iceland – Meagan Abell and I are taking it by storm together for our  birthdays, because really, who wants to celebrate that alone?

Moving to a new city inspired me to change a lot.  It’s a new beginning, and we should all take advantage of new opportunities whenever they present themselves.  I’ve made promises to myself that I have already done a decent job of keeping.  This is my fresh start, and I am taking it seriously.

I promise to become more active and conscious of how I treat my body.  It takes a lot to get me to workout or inspire me, but being closer to several beaches and having a pool feet away from my apartment was a real slap in the face to my laziness.  I’m working out everyday and eating better – truly thanks to Tone It Up.  They are lovely and inspiring and make this whole experience worthwhile.  One downside is that Lafayette always seems to need me at the most inopportune times.  Why is Murphy’s Law so cruel?

I promise to not rely on my GPS and explore my new surroundings.  It took a few days but I can comfortably and confidently take myself to several different grocery stores and other places I may need for my book, movie, or craft fix.  There’s even a Movie Tavern that serves you dinner while you watch Divergent for the 5th time.  The nachos are always a win.  And if I don’t want nachos there, I can go to Plaza Azteca, literally a 100 feet from the theater.  Then I can also get a margarita:)

I also want to take advantage of the wealth of history, gorgeous landscapes, and cultural events here.  There’s a charming farmer’s market every Saturday in Colonial Williamsburg that Lafayette and I visited last weekend.  Lots of yummy options that I will eventually try.  We also explored Yorktown Beach (a short 20 minute drive) which has a sweet, small town feel – somewhere to go when the traffic packed drive to VA Beach is just too much.

I am finally going to learn how to use a film camera.  I just bought one off Ebay thanks to an inspiring blog post from the lovely Michael and Carina.  Better late than never.  I’ve been wanting to try this out for awhile now, but just needed a push.  I also get tortured on Instagram everyday when I see my favorite photographers showcasing pretty film work from their travels and just want to slap myself.  I think this would really encourage me to better document my travels than with digital.  I feel more artsy and legit this way!  I also am on the prowl for a Polaroid camera, so there’s that.

These are my main goals to accomplish for now, though more are certainly in the works.  I need to finish decorating and tidying up, but that will all come to fruition with some patience.  For now I just want to relax on the porch with my pup, not worrying about the upcoming busy weekend, but remembering to live in the here and now, or else I will never remember it happened.

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