Alyson’s LA Bridal Session

Back in Richmond, I have my creative team of amazing makeup artists and hair stylists that I absolutely adore.  I trust their visions completely and recommend them to all my brides and seniors.  I trust them so much that they will be doing my makeup and hair for every important event in my life, no joke.  I want them to make me up everyday.

Sometimes, I don’t have the luxury of having them on set with me everywhere I go though, especially for styled shoots abroad or out of town.  I never wanted my artistic vision to be compromised because of this though.  Technically, I could ask other photographers in the city where I am traveling who they would recommend, but I love my people so much!  So I have had to pick up some tips and tricks from my talented friends to tide me over when I travel.

For Alyson’s LA bridal session, I was able to do the makeup for her eyes (which are gorgeous anyway).  Having been able to watch masters like Krista Delvalle and Ashlyn Landrum at work has really been beneficial in so many ways.  It’s like having attended private makeup tutoring sessions after all the shoots we have done together.  I’m blessed to know so many talented individuals and learn from them.  I dedicate this specific bridal to them because it was inspired by all they have taught me.


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