Dramatic and Bold Senior Session with Alisha

One huge thing I love about my seniors is that they love drama!  When I say drama I mean bold artistic choices, gorgeous wardrobe, killer makeup, an incredible sense of style, and just an overall empowering sense of the “wow” factor.  This is totally what you will see in Alisha’s session!  She took some natural beauty shots but then we totally vamped it up with some black and gold eyeshadow and gorgeous lashes, then tacked on an incredible gold and coral dress – bam – DRAMA.  You will totally feel the Vogue love in this session and I know you are going to obsess over it as much as I have!

2013-09-17_0177 2013-09-17_0189 2013-09-17_0190 2013-09-17_0201 2013-09-17_0206 2013-09-17_0211 2013-09-17_0214 2013-09-17_0218 2013-09-17_0221 2013-09-17_0226 2013-09-17_0228 2013-09-17_0235 2013-09-17_0236 2013-09-17_0239 2013-09-17_0243 2013-09-17_0246 2013-09-17_0247 2013-09-17_0249 2013-09-17_0250 2013-09-17_0253 2013-09-17_0255 2013-09-17_0262 2013-09-17_0265 2013-09-17_0267 2013-09-17_0268 2013-09-17_0269Makeup – Makeup by Krista Rose

Hair – Britny Bassett

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