Having Your Dogs in Your Engagement Photos

Lots of couples want to bring props to incorporate into their engagement session, which is in awesome idea.  There are a lot of ways to truly customize the experience so it genuinely reflects who you are!  One of my favorite things couples  ask to bring to their photo session is their dogs.  It cracks me up because some people ask if I’m ok with dogs – hello, obsessed with my little prince over here!  I love dogs!  With all three of my couples on Sunday bringing their pups to their engagement sessions, I just had to post my favorites.

I always encourage couples to bring their dogs if that’s something they want to incorporate into their photos.  They are definitely part of the family and even if you don’t use that photo for the save-the-dates, it’s such a sweet shot to frame for your home.

Every dog is different, so be realistic and honest with how you know they generally behave in public, on a leash, etc.  I have had some couples be able to take their dog off the leash and they pose wonderfully just sitting there!  Most dogs don’t follow this general rule though, they get so excited about meeting new people or being outside with Mom and Dad that they become a bundle of sweet energy!  So, usually couples keep their sweet ones on a leash, which is fine!  Don’t think it’s going to destroy your photos – it won’t!

If you are concerned about the presence of a leash affecting the visual quality, there are some ways you can disguise it.  We always do a shoot sitting down with your furry loved ones, simply because it gets you on their level and they aren’t so apt to just run around with excitement.  They want to be close to you!  It is super easy to conceal a leash in this position, just hold it behind them and close to your body.  If your dog is small like mine, you can always hold them!

Walking shots welcome the presence of a leash.  It makes for a gorgeous candid photo of you and your dog enjoying a walk in the presence of everyone  you love.

Want to make your dog look super spiffy?  Think about little details to add to their look like a bow tie for boys or chic bow for girls.  Lafayette is currently flaunting his fabulous dachshund covered bow tie.  It was suppose to be for Easter and special occasions only but he just looks so darn cute I couldn’t bear to take it off and wait for the next holiday – I would have started making holidays up for him to wear it!

Let your dogs be dogs.  Some of the sweetest and funniest photos are when you let them showcase their crazy personalities!

Check out my favorite puppy shots from various sessions I have had the pleasure of capturing, from engagements to newborns, dogs always make the best companions!!  If you have other pets, they are always welcome in photos too:)

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