How to Survive Post-Travel Blues

It happens to us all.  We come home in a flurry of excitement to share stories of our travels only to find a short period later, that we fall into a state of some serious post-travel blues.  This generally happens to me within a few hours of being home, the only thing comforting me is my dog being so gosh darn adorable and excited that he smiles and cries and pees all over himself.

I take advantage of my free time and travel when I can.  It is a massive priority in my life that will never be overlooked because I want to see the world and experience different cultures, indulge in exotic foods, hear as many different accents as humanly possible.  Dreaming of Europe consumed my days early on, so it is always difficult for me to return home to a place that is, in fact, not Europe.  There are many ways I seek to alleviate this “depression.”

In my home I have created for myself a haven of old worldly charm.  If I cannot be in Europe, I will happily bring it to my home.  I love the dark wood and cozy atmosphere of a lovely English pub, so all the furniture in my room consists of dark-stained pieces, many antique and vintage  to keep that older charm intact.  The French language delights me, as does the loveliness of the Parisian sights so my drapes are covered in scripted French words.  My chippendale sofa boasts a pretty cream damask print as well as several pillows with an image of  l’Arc de Triomphe emblazoned on the front.  A massive print of Tower Bridge hangs nicely in the center of the wall behind my bed so London is always present.  I even have pillows red as telephone booths for a pop of sheer English color.  There is even a pair of telephone booth bookends on my bookshelf.  I am not ashamed of this.

Immersing myself in all things European delights me, and distracts me from not being in the places of all my belongings’ origins.  I love teacups and tea pots and even purchased a pretty china cabinet to house my delicate treasures.  If I want to drink tea like I would in England, gosh darn it I will make some scones and eat them with a cup of English breakfast tea.  I did this very thing this past Sunday simply because I was in desperate need of a little reminder of my favorite places.  It’s wonderful how something as simple as a scone can transport your mind to a different place.

Sometimes I am so excited before I am about to embark on a new trip that I make dishes that simply remind me of how priceless seeing the world is.  I have made steak and ale pies a week before leaving for England because my excitement was far too overwhelming to wait.  Homemade pesto has become far more necessary after taking a pesto making class in Cinque Terre.  I love being able to share these recipes with family and friends so they can understand what it is I love so much about the world.

There are reminders of my travels in every room.  Magnets on the fridge from every city.  Framed photos on the wall for a pop of color.  Handblown glass jewelry from Venice.  Porcelain from Holland. Postcards from everywhere in between.  The glass figurine of a dachshund reminds me of the glassblowing brothers in Venice.  The porcelain dachshund reminds me of the eclectic nature of Amsterdam.  Yeah, I love dachshunds.

The point is not forget to enjoy the home you always come back to in the end.  It’s where my support system resides, and my beautiful brides!  And there’s always the promise of the next trip, which for me begins in Iceland.  Follow my inspiration board on Pinterest as I look for amazing places to see and photograph on my future journeys.

How Lafayette behaves during a fancy tea party.  Spoiled.  Rotten.

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