Irvine Estate Wedding with Meghan and Ian

I can’t put into words how much I adore Meghan and Ian – we met last year bonding over Lafayette (Ian’s onto my marketing ploy!) and learning about their incredible love story.  They met on a blind date, and from what I recall, one of the lenses to Ian’s glasses popped out, completely broke the ice, and it was fate from there on out.  It’s incredible how people destined to be together are able to meet! I had an amazing time learning about them, shooting their engagement session, and gushing over all the details they had planned for the big day.  Hello gorgeous ruby red slippers and lace dress!  Meghan has outstanding taste and it’s reflected in every little detail.  And the mountain view?? Who wouldn’t want that gorgeous mountain setting as a backdrop for a romantic and fun wedding?!  This wedding was packed full of people all there to celebrate and it was a super fun and gorgeous affair.  Congratulations Meghan and Ian!!

Thank you thank you thank you Molly Harrison for being an AMAZING second shooter for this wedding!!!

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