LA Trip Part II

***Disclaimer.  I am totally using my sister’s photos in these blog posts for LA.  I am the worst at documenting my travels.  I get so absorbed with taking in my surroundings and trying to encapsulate everything into my memory that I don’t even think about taking pictures.  Which is weird for a photographer….but now you know.  I’m not a normal photographer.

I’m a total beach bum when the season comes around for it, but even when it’s cold I don’t mind being out in the sand walking by the water and just enjoying the sea air.  Our friend Austin took us to Marina Del Rey one of the days we visited LA, and it was a perfectly gorgeous day.  A little chilly for me personally, but still a sight worth seeing.  The beach was completely empty, probably because it was March.  Who knows?  The effect of being able to stroll along an empty beach was relaxing, very much something we needed after the first few busy days running around and trying to see everything.  Aside from the actual beach, all the oceanfront houses were incredible!  Every single one was totally different from the next, and the varying architectural elements made it feel like we were in some massive museum.

Luckily, if you get bored walking along an empty beach, you quickly crossover into Venice Beach, the atmosphere of which is a complete 360 from Marina Del Rey.  We encountered all sorts of characters and items for sale, some of which you don’t necessarily want to buy so much as look at.  I had to convince Lindsey not to buy a voodoo skull contraption…It also made us really crave corn dogs.  To an absurd degree.

To top it off with even more beach trips ( we seriously love the beach) we went to Santa Monica twice.  The first time was sort of a blitz and I don’t remember much, and the weather was raining.  Figures when we travel somewhere that has been suffering an extensive drought, it rains like a hurricane the first weekend.  However, second time’s the charm.  Santa Monica has a really cool atmosphere with the carnival rides and various restaurants lined against the street.  Again, it was nice to just sit back and relax on one of the pastel blue lifeguard stands and watch puppies romp around in the sand (while I missed Lafayette terribly).

Of course you can’t visit California without going to Disney.  It’s a classic for all ages.  We have both been to the one in Florida, so it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two.  Regardless, it didn’t stop me from buying a large Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and football for Lafayette.  I really loved Tower of Terror – I have actually been waiting most of my life to ride this.  I was terrified out of my mind, but that is what makes it so exhilarating.  I love looking up the photos of everyone’s reactions afterwards on the big screens.  Every single time, Lindsey looks super calm with her eyes closed like she’s in a trance and then there’s me, hot mess with hair flying around my red, screaming face.  Very classy.  We also still freak out when we see our favorite characters walking around.  One of my top five moments of the day was when a little girl dressed as Mary Poppins was walking around with her family and then the actual Mary Poppins appeared out of nowhere (wearing the exact same dress), grabbed her hand, and they skipped away.

From LA, I had a good night’s sleep in my own bed with my sweet little dog, and then early the next morning a train to NYC was calling my name.  I am crazy.

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