Life and Travel Struggles

You’ve heard all about my one bag limit when it comes to traveling.  But that was before I realized I was going to be taking three wedding dresses to LA and one to NY, and they will not fit in my backpack.  So do I sacrifice personal style and wear the same outfit everyday, or do I cry about the missed opportunity to work with the most amazing models of my life wearing dresses I spent days making?  Ugh.  I think I can come to a compromise on this matter simply so I do put myself in the position of looking like a scruff muffin when I finally meet Jennifer Lawrence during Oscars weekend (you laugh, but I will find her).  Maybe she will appreciate my plight though.  It says a lot about how much you love your art when you are willing to wear the same outfit everyday just to be able to take the materials for your shoot instead.  Jenn, be my friend!

I have only flown on domestic airlines a couple times, so their baggage policies always take me by surprise.  What do you mean I can’t sneak on these four carry-ons???  Outrageous.  I also despise when people take up your luggage overhead carrier spot and your backpack filled with a laptop and camera and various other important things is shoved behind the flight attendant’s seat.  Not cool.  So my plan of attack?  I drew up a list of my absolute essentials this morning.  It pretty much consists of all toiletry items so I at least don’t smell like I live in a dumpster.  I will take my Cath Kidston backpack that I am obsessed with (it is waterproof, thank you London) for all of my personal belongings.  The wedding dresses will simply just have to fit in a small bag as well.  Luckily they aren’t big stuffy ballgowns so they shouldn’t take up too much space.  I could probably get away with something as small as a tote bag.  Or make my sister pack them…

Fall is lovely in Vienna at Schonbrunn Palace.

Then there’s the constant life struggle of figuring out what country or even city in Europe I would want to call home in the next few years.  Sorry family and friends, you know it’s going to happen.  Right now Vienna is a pretty strong candidate.  I love the city atmosphere and the rich cultural history.  The museums are gorgeous and the palaces so well preserved.  I could easily eat sausages everyday to get by if that’s what it took.  Then there’s my classic go-to dreamland.  Anyone who knows me very well will know that England is always my number one choice.  I could go on forever with how much I love the entire country.  Everything about it is charming, and I have never felt so strongly that I truly belonged in a place until I traveled there.  Some people tell me to just keep visiting.  Why would I keep visiting if I could move there?  That sounds like a better idea to me.

Would I stay put for the rest of my life?  Probably not.  I love the ability to move around and experience new things.  Living in Europe would just make it a whole lot easier and cheaper.  I will open up a tea shop and wear a darling little apron and call it a day.

Until I manage to sort my life out and make the plunge and find a country who will take me, I am content here as long as the traveling continues.  And soon I will be making a move – to Williamsburg!


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