Nags Head Vacation Day

Sometimes you just need to get away, because your shoulders and back are killing you from being hunched over the computer and you didn’t really get a proper beach day this summer.

Yesterday was GORGEOUS – the weather was perfect, not too hot with a welcoming breeze.  I just wanted to go to a beach, an epic beach, one that feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.  So my friend Allison and I made our way down to Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head for a little day trip vacation.  Naturally we took a couple photos, and I am forever grateful that Allison took some of my little family (need to buy some new frames!).

Lafayette was a little bit too excited about this trip.  The beach is his absolute favorite place in the world aside from his fur throw blanket on my lap (spoiled, I know). We thought he would probably have had enough romping around after about 10 minutes, especially because the dunes are so big.  However, we were put to shame when he continued galloping up and down dunes the size of mountains in comparison to him.  He got a tiny bit tired, which made photographing him a lot easier and made it look like he was smiling.  We retired to the actual beach afterwards so he could get in a little swim and chase around the birds a bit.  He has an affinity for digging massive holes too….

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