New Year, New Promises


2013 was an amazing year.  All my styled shoots were published, I had amazing couples and seniors to work with, got to travel to Europe a total of two months, and so much more.  I am so blessed to do what I do everyday and to have met who I know now, whether it be clients turned friends or people that I have met while traveling.  My hopes for 2014 are pretty darn high considering everything that happened this past year.  Let’s hope it lives up to expectations.

I try not to make resolutions anymore, because I totally fail at them.  I will give up soda, I will maybe actually go to the gym and use the equipment….From now on I am making promises to myself because those are a lot harder to break.  When I promise someone I will accomplish something, you can bet I am going to do everything in my power to make that a reality.  So I’m going to share my promises to myself with ya’ll!

1. Take my kind little dog for more walks.  My dad loves his evening walks with my dog.  That’s right.  MY dog.  Sometimes I work too late to be able to participate in them but I am going to be better about it and actively make more time for him.  Let’s face it, if you are a single person with a dog, they are pretty much your child.  Lafayette is mine.  I spent more time and money on his Christmas presents than anyone else!  That includes his traditional present from Harrod’s in London.

2. Revisit all the historical/geographical sites in Virginia.  I live here, but the last time I went to Jamestown was in 4th grade.  I have pictures with the horrible hair bandanas to prove it.  I kinda miss being able to go on field trips, and I know I would appreciate it more now than I did back then.  Lurray Caverns is still something I have never seen!

3.  Save money and plan for my 2014-2015 European winter backpacking adventure.  This is my biggest promise.  I’ve already been a good girl and started saving in December, and slowly I’m going to cut back on silly things that I don’t really need to save extra money for it.  I’m really going to push myself and only allow myself one bag for this trip (plus my camera obviously).  I am so incredibly bad at taking pictures when I go on trips, which is really sad.  I promise myself that this time will be different.  I will relax and bask in all the beautiful things I see and document them like they deserve.

I’m also going to promise ya’ll something!  I’m going to start blogging about travel tips as I plan my big trip to Europe.  I know I scoured the internet for helpful information while planning past trips and sometimes you really just don’t find what you need.  Personally, I have noticed a huge difference between the way I first travelled and the way I do now.  It’s actually sad.  I packed more for my first weeklong trip to Ibiza than I did for a month’s stay in Europe.  Pathetic!  I know better now, and ya’ll will too if you catch up every Tuesday and Thursday for my travel tips and stories!  You will even hear about some of my most embarrassing stories (there are a lot).

To end this, and to start 2014 off with a bang, I would love to hear from everyone their favorite places in Europe as well as their favorite things to do!  My first stop is Iceland:)

Rome with my friend Becca!  First leg of my last journey.

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January 4, 2014 - 1:20 am

Josh Gooden - Let me know if your ever go to Luray Caverns! Not far from me haha. I’d say the Lake District in the U.K is a must see. I used to live near there as an exchange student and its incredibly gorgeous. I’ve only been to France as far as Europe goes, but Paris & the Normandy coast are absolutely beautiful. Mont Saint-Michel is probably the most incredible place I have ever been…sigh..I need to go back!

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