Newest Member of the Family

This past weekend while I was pleasantly busy with a wedding and three couple sessions (eeee!!!) my sister adopted a kitten from the SPCA.  Some people have asked how Lafayette feels about this…well, he’s overjoyed!  Pretty sure he enjoys the company of cats better than dogs!

So, we welcome Winnie Winston to the wild and crazy family we already have.  Lafayette quivers with excitement whenever he sees her, and though she is pretty ambivalent towards him at the moment I am sure there will come a time when she agrees to join in on some playtime.  He’s crying at this moment for her attention!

Not only is she a little heartbreaker, but check out that model look!  It runs in the family (of pets).  So happy that Lindsey picked out a furry little Vogue model for us.  These are only a couple snapshots of her playing hard to get, but there will come a flood of many more very soon that hopefully include my handsome boy.  Family photo time!

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