Paige and Kelly

I cannot emphasize enough how much having a professional makeup artist changes the look of a photo during a session, not to mention how good it makes you feel to look your absolute best!  Ashlyn Landrum consistently produces STUNNING makeup artistry and always makes all my beautiful girls shine during their sessions.  I cannot rave enough about her serious skills.  This past Sunday Ashlyn, Paige and Kelly all met up with me and we embarked on an epic collaboration.  The makeup is stunning and Paige and Kelly have the best fashion sense ever.  I seriously want all of their clothes.  Another reason I love senior sessions – they know how to dress to impress.  I have been wanting to shoot at this location forever and once everyone was on board for the project I was ecstatic to get it underway.

I did Paige’s senior photos and she has an amazing look.  Allison from America’s Next Top Model anyone?  Except better.  She looks like an absolute goddess in the river photos.  Stop being so perfect!  And Kelly is a friend of a friend and I am so glad I found her.  She brought an edgy side to the shoot and balanced off Paige so perfectly.  Brazilian spice.

Check out these stunners in the photos from the session!


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Inspired By: Faberge

Richmond has absolutely stunning architecture in many parts of the city.  It has really been able to inspire me to achieve some regal looks in a lot of my most recent shoots, especially with Christina in our Faberge inspired session.  The ALWAYS talented Ashlyn and I were brainstorming ideas for a cool concept and she showed me this photo of a Faberge ad.  She loved the makeup and styling and I loved the lighting and art direction and we both fell in love with the rough glamorousness of the model who we decided looks like a pouty little Czarina.  Mario Testino always blows me away with his work.

So we took away the beautiful makeup inspiration and general stylistic guidelines and found ourselves Christina for our lovely model.  Watching Ashlyn work her magic is amazing and she’s always able to add that special touch and glamour factor to all the work she does and I love it.  Every model we have worked with together looks stunning.  She needs to work with the fashion magazines but I don’t want her to leave!!  And Christina completely blew me away.  She has this really great look and really great angles and was a natural!  The fabulous dress she wore was actually her prom dress!

Our concept became a little cleaner.  I just can’t make myself shoot a grungy chic glamour shot just yet…I like my clean look too much!  But I think Ashlyn’s makeup artistry created a very regal and beautifully haunting palette for Christina to work with.

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Lana Del Rey Inspiration

The lovely Kelly Harrison modeled after Lana Del Rey.  Don’t they look like sisters??  It blows my mind every time.  We wanted to do a styled shoot together and when I found myself listening to one of Lana’s songs on Pandora I just knew that was the direction we had to go.  And of course we enlisted the help of our always talented friend Ashlyn Landrum for makeup and she introduced us to Joshua Cruz-Magee who did a phenomenal job with recreating many of Lana’s iconic hairstyles.  He even styled her hair scarf!  All of these people are so talented in their own ways and I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have been able to work with them all again.

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Inspired by Dior

I have had the pleasure to work with Sarah before and once I saw pictures from her senior prom and saw her gold dress – WHOA.  I had to do a shoot with her in it.  I have always loved Charlize Theron an the Dior ads she has been featured in recently and it just seemed more than perfect to feature Sarah in a Dior-inspired session with makeup and hair styling by the always immensely talented and sweet Ashlyn Landrum.  Ashlyn keeps blowing me away with all of the work she has done.  She’s the perfect package!!  Hair AND makeup? I’m so impressed.  Not to mention she always livens up the shoot and offers creative insight.  This session is definitely my favorite to date and working with people like Sarah and Ashlyn really spoils a photographer.


June 15, 2012 - 12:59 pm

michelle leibel - oooh kaitlyn these are stunning

June 15, 2012 - 12:59 pm

mleibel - ooh kaitlyn, these are stunning!

The Epic Collaboration

Monday I had the chance to work with one of my favorite makeup artists ever – she is literally SO talented!!  Krista Delvalle has the ability to make a person feel so comfortable and look stunning in a creative way that just makes my jaw drop every time I see her work.  I watched her Monday create masterpieces for model after model without complaining once!  Then Tuesday I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Toll of 88 Love Stories to photograph her beautiful friend Brooke who was lucky enough to have Krista create ANOTHER masterpiece with her makeup.  Way too stunning.  I have loved meeting and working with Krista and Stephanie.  It just shows was an amazing industry this is, especially when you open yourself up to new experiences and meeting new people.  Please enjoy the following session featuring the talents of so many talented and sweet people.


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