Sleeping Beauty

I’m in love with the recent releases of classic fairytales transformed into live action movies.  I am a sucker for the old school Disney films, but Snow White and the Huntsman, and now Maleficent are reinforcing my obsession with the world of make believe.  They have transcended from the world of my childhood to the adult me, and the stronger female leads are such a refreshing experience.  It makes me appreciate each story even more, from so many different perspectives.

Fairytales have always inspired my creative side, first with the two styled weddings derived from the Huntsman movie.  There is something enchanting about creating a shoot inspired by the fairytale world that seamlessly connects art and bridals in such a way that refreshes my style on a consistent basis.  Drawing from my love of those childhood princesses and appreciation for the new renditions, this shoot came to life after several months of planning, and mostly waiting for a gorgeous spring day to really make it something special.  Thankfully my Aurora, Kat Rhodes, shares my love for Sleeping Beauty and really captured the essence of her delicate nature and poetry of body language.  MUA Krista Delvalle always creates works of art with her makeup techniques and style, and this shoot was nothing short of perfection.

As usual, we developed a concept featuring the soft and edgy, Aurora and Maleficent.  There is nothing so beautiful as the contrasting elements of these two characters brought to life in these images.  The first set of Sleeping Beauty highlights the romantic vulnerability that Aurora brings to the screen.

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