Swan Lake

Swan Lake has always been and always will be my favorite ballet of all time.  There’s something so enchanting and haunting about the costuming, dance, and story that really was one of the driving forces behind me wanting to develop a styled shoot.  It also didn’t hurt that the Russian ice dancing pair performed a Swan Lake inspired dance at the recent Sochi Olympic Games.  It was my favorite performance of the ice dancing competition!

One of the aspects of the ballet that makes it so compelling is the presence of two polar opposite beings in the black and white swan.  The stark differences between the two also make for a compelling visual, especially when photographing a concept like this.  It truly leaves it outlined in black and white.  Getting to incorporate feathers also makes it gorgeous!  I was so excited when I was able to find two white feather pieces to make a perfect hair adornment.  That is what you call fate – there were only two left on the shelf.

The black swan model Katy and I have been trying to get together to do another shoot together for awhile.  I’m so glad it was this one!  It has the perfect amount of dramatic flair fit for a dramatic ballet like Swan Lake with all the romantic softness of the white swan and fierce strength of the black swan.  It also got me into the swing of editing listening to classical Russian music.  It definitely helped get me inspired while constructing the dresses, brainstorming poses, and perfecting each photo with a unique editorial touch in post production.

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