The Importance of Location Scouting

My trip to LA was the prime example of how important it is to research your shooting location.  Even if you can’t do it weeks ahead of time like I would prefer, it makes the whole shooting experience more worthwhile and definitely allows for better quality photos.  My main goal was to get a huge variety of locations for this bridal series, and I accomplished that because I did my research.

I already knew what beach I wanted to go to, and a friend had told me about Griffith Park for a nice mountain landscape.  The last set of bridals was with three lovely ladies at the same time, and what I had been missing and wanting as a background was something glowing with warmth and color.  I had to find a flower wall.

At first, we went out looking for an actual wall with flowers framing certain parts of it, something with a very Italian/Spanish feel that I love.  Austin (our awesome chauffeur) drove us around Hollywood trying to find the perfect spot.  It’s really hard to find something as obscure as a flower wall, especially when neither you nor the person with you who actually lives in LA know where to even start.  Turns out flower walls are very elusive settings.  When you want to find one, they are nowhere to be found.  When it’s the last thing you want to see, they are everywhere.  Typical.

We had been driving around for fifteen minutes when we drove past a side neighborhood street, and all I saw was a bright flash of pink.  By the time we turned the car around and saw actually how much pink there was, I died from happiness.  We had stumbled across not just a wall with flowers, but a wall made of only flowers cascading down in absolute perfection.  It was more than I could have asked for, especially considering the look I was going for in these bridals.

I love neighborhoods for this reason.  Whether it’s LA or Richmond, there is always some hidden location that is an absolute treasure for a photographer.  In Richmond, my favorite spots are hidden walls and side streets, buildings with a lot of character and texture.  My favorite places don’t jump out at you from the street, you have to venture deep and seek them out.  It makes it all the more worthwhile when you find something gorgeous that really adds a certain depth to your photos.  I couldn’t be happier with the last set of bridals.  The lovely, talented Kabby Borders is featured today.

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