The Magic of a Dessert Bar at a Wedding

The first time I encountered a dessert bar at a wedding, it was at my cousin Stuart’s wedding in Kentucky.  They actually had a room designated for desserts, and my mind was blown.  Dessert upon dessert upon dessert.  I didn’t even want to eat dinner.  I just wanted to indulge in the portrait of heaven that radiated in front of my eyes.  It was like walking into your favorite bakery and having every dessert you ever wanted right in front of you for free.  It does not get better than that.

Why should you have a dessert bar at your wedding?  Everyone loves dessert.  You may have a stellar dinner lined up with a buffet or seated with some filet mignon, but dessert always wins.  Always.  If cake isn’t your poison, you can have pies, or even better, mini pies of several different flavors.  Throw in some decadent chocolate covered strawberries for some romance and deliciousness.  Mix it up with dark and white chocolate and colored sprinkles.  Cake pops are super fun, and kids love them (and they are super easy for you to make).  You don’t have to go to a high-end bakery to stock up on all the desserts for your own bar.  If you want a DIY dessert bar, here are some awesome ideas to make it happen.

Cake pops.  Cake pops are so easy to make and everyone loves them.  It’s also easy to to mix up the flavors and have a variety.  Also, the decoration possibilities are endless.  You can customize them with your wedding colors or monograms.  Or just make them crazy colors.  It’s your wedding, you decide.

Chocolate-covered strawberries.  These are a classic that should be at every dessert bar.  The only thing that is hard about making them is trying to stop yourself from eating every single one in the process.

Mini cupcakes.  You get “more” to have out and it allows you and your guests to not overindulge by eating a regular-sized cupcake instead.  Get creative with your flavors!  I went to a wedding that had sweet potato mini cupcakes, yum.  You can also make some delicious frosting or buy some to make it easier on yourself.

Mini pies.  Same idea as the mini cupcakes.  Depending on when your wedding is, you can stick to seasonal flavors or just do whatever you like the best.  I love pecan pie and I’m not afraid to make that or pumpkin pie during the spring or summer because I am obsessed with it. The mini size is also great to have “more” available for your guests.  People love pie, and you don’t have to worry about the mess or confusion of cutting several different big pies or someone simply deciding to take an entire pie for themselves (that would be me).

Fondue.  Want to really get the party started?  Get a chocolate fountain, it can even be several mini ones spread out, and have a spread of great things to dip into the chocolate like pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries, anything!

Candy.  Some people just have a set of big, cute jars they fill with candy.  You can pick options that are your wedding colors or simply your favorite ones.  Rock candy is super cool looking, throw in some cotton candy for some whimsical fluffiness, giant lollipops that blow people’s minds…

Macaroons.  These can be tricky to make and almond flour is pretty expensive, so it’s up to you whether you want to put in that extra effort to create homemade macaroons.  They are still fun though because you can make different flavors and colors and customize the size.  Dust some gold sprinkles on the sides to give it a hint of glamour.

Cookies.  Never underestimate the power of a good cookie.  Even if it is a simple sugar cookie, you can decorate them for the occasion and make them incredible.

Aside from the actual edible items at your dessert bar, don’t forget about playing up the presentation.  There are so many brilliant ideas out there about decorating your dessert bar in a cost effective way.  Make tissue paper flowers or pom poms.  Paper pinwheels.  Ribbon curtains.  Flags.  I’ve pinned some of my favorite dessert bar ideas to this board.  Check it out for more fun dessert bar inspiration!  But in the meantime, check out these photos from a recent wedding that inspired this post.

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