The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

When you’ve picked the perfect wedding dress, you want to make sure that you pair the perfect hairstyle to make sure the focus remains on you!

Picking your wedding hairstyle is a fun process, though it can be stressful when you look at so many Pinterest photos and see all these different looks that you love but just can’t narrow them down.  Figure out how you want to feel on your wedding day.  Do you want to be a classic ballerina, a whimsical fairytale princess, a dramatic bombshell?  Do you want to channel a decade diva, red carpet glamazon, or Vogue model?  Your wedding hairstyle makes a dramatic impact on your presence throughout your day.

For me, I love the flair of drama, but everyone is different.  Though it can be overwhelming, Pinterest really is a great tool to find hairstyle inspirations for your big day.  Start with words that you want to express you and your personal style and use those in the search engine box on Pinterest.  Don’t just look up “wedding updos” but rather “ethereal wedding updo” or “dramatic bombshell updo.”  Don’t limit yourself to the wedding genre because some fabulous hairstyles are labeled under generic terms as well.  Look for inspiration in fashion magazines or the red carpet.  Celebrities have amazing style and stylists, so it’s brilliant to base a look off of their Oscar-do.

You can certainly merge certain elements of different hairstyles together, too.  If you love the braid in one look but not the high bun, then add it to the look with the low chignon and wrap it around.  Play around with different artistic elements and textures to make something uniquely you!

Always do a trial run with your hairstylist.  This helps you iron out all the final details like what elements you really want to have in your final look and which ones may actually not work out at all for the tone you are wanting achieve with your wedding hairstyle.  Trial and error is a marvelous tool when picking your hairstyle.  Some hairstyles may look gorgeous in that photo you saw, but if you don’t have long enough hair or enough volume or the right face shape to pull it off, try to speak with your hairstylist about ways to sculpt the look you want into something that will work for you specifically and not the hair model on the inspiration page.

If you feel confident and beautiful in the look after your trial, you will feel the same way on your wedding day but better after you pair it with your dress.  Once the whole look comes together in a cohesive whole, the powerfully impact is gorgeous.

Below are some of my favorite wedding updos that feature all ranges of tastes.  Remember to stay true to you and check out my favorite salons in Virginia to look and feel fabulous on your  big day!

Avenue 42

Lou Stevens Glam Squad (Ask for Britny!)

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May 16, 2014 - 12:54 pm

Sarah Whitlock - Hey Kait! One of your brides here! I just stumbled across your blog ironically! Funny enough, one of the girls in the hair photos above is one of my friends! She’s the one with the blue peacock feather in her hair. She has the best sense of style.

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