Tips from a Local Roman

Didn’t trust what I had to say about Rome from my experience?  Rude.  Just kidding, it’s ok.  Will you trust a true Roman instead?  I hope so, or you have no business reading this post.

I met Davide at the Scholar’s Lounge and he made the night very memorable by showing Becca and myself around Rome’s nightlife.  Rome is way more fun when you have a legit local leading you around to the best spots.  So I figured I would ask him his opinion on the best spots to go if you want to really experience Rome.  This information is coming from a pretty cool, suave, classic Italian man.  Trust it.

Best restaurants?  They are located in the center of Rome but also just outside the main city limits.  This is vague, but there are definitely big distinctions between the city center and the main tourist trap areas.  Again, menus in different languages are a sure sign lots of tourist hit the spot.  If you want a more sophisticated dining experience, the center is more for you.  If a more homemade and classic Italian experience is what you are gunning for, be sure to try outside the city limits.  Ariccia is a great spot for meat and fine red wine.  You heard the man!

Favorite bar?  The Scholar’s Lounge. Yep, the spot where we met him.  As I said before, it was an awesome bar with a really cool vibe.  You could tell a lot of locals hit this spot up as well as other travelers (whom he considers to be nice and friendly, not the rubbish kind of traveler).  Good spot for mingling and drinking.

Favorite museum/historical sight?  Colosseum, Vatican Museum, and Piazza Venezia.  Colosseum speaks for itself.  It truly is a spectacle of wonder for you to witness, and it really just blows my mind the events that took place there as well the physical construction of it.  It’s built sturdier than most buildings today (hello, it’s still standing!).  The Vatican Museum is massive and covers miles of artifacts.  If you aren’t interested in sculptures, just bask in the architecture of the building itself.   It’s enough to make anyone swoon.  There’s also a pinecone courtyard that has a huge sculpture of a, you guessed it, pinecone.  The Piazza Venezia is also a spectacular place to see.  It has a massive monument at the center, which is newer in relation to spots like the Colosseum.  Again, the architecture is something pretty ridiculous to behold.

I asked Davide what he would recommend to me when I’m looking to have fun and he mentioned the following:

Drunken Ship.  Their website says their weekly specials will “make you fall off your barstool.”  That says something, right?

Shari Vari.  It’s a restaurant by day and club by night.

Trastevere.  This is a medieval section of Rome that has enormous amounts of charm and history.  Nestled in every street and corner you will find history spanning hundreds of years.  If you are looking for that old world Italian feel, Trastevere is for you.

So this is just a little glimpse into what my friend recommends for the tourists coming in to visit his pretty city.  The locals are wonderful, you will fall in love with them.  I did.  So man up and ask them for more tips on the things to do, because no one knows Rome better than the Romans.

And when you need a break from Rome (um why would you?),  check out these photos from this morning’s romp in the snow!

Mom!!! Stop taking my picture!!! You’re such a stage mom!!!

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