Va Beach Wedding at The Water Table with Jessie and Jaison

I remember first talking to Jessie on the phone during our initial consultation and completely falling in love with her bubbly personality and excitement for her big day.  You could just tell how she talked about Jaison that their love is so strong!  Meeting them both during their engagement just solidified what I had already guessed- these two are amazing!  They are so fun-loving and absolutely perfect for each other.

Their wedding day was nothing short of gorgeous perfection – pink and gold and so many romantic details!  Beach weddings are always stunning, and this one absolutely captured the essence of Jessie and Jaison’s love.  Little details showcasing their love for their family are everywhere, and they all share such sweet candid moments with their family and friends throughout the night.  And please, don’t you just adore Jessie’s smile and the way Jaison looks at her?!  This was such a family and friends oriented affair, and the outpouring of love affection was overwhelming – such a gorgeous day!  Congratulations Jessie and Jaison, you are going to have an incredible life together!

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