Weekend Recap

Wedding season is upon us!  I was blessed to capture the wedding of a beautiful and kind couple Saturday in DC, and the concept and design of the entire day was detail-oriented, bold, and full of love for an amazing culture.  I can’t wait to share the entire day!

Usually I make a little day trip out of travel weddings, even ones to DC.  I mean, it’s DC, there’s so much to do it would be a shame to disregard everything.  Luckily my Dad was in tow as my chauffeur because I am an exhausted mess after being on my feet all day – especially after an exciting and energy-filled wedding like this one!  I introduced him to the magic that is Shake Shack – I have never been to one outside of NY so I almost passed out when I saw it was across the street from the wedding venue!  Fueled up with a burger and custard, I was ready to start a successful wedding day.

I didn’t get to do much sightseeing which is fine – I read a book in my downtime (hello Fifty Shades).  My dad got to be the explorer and visited the Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum.  He walked.  When we were driving home he showed me everywhere he had gone and I was shocked he was still alive because I would have died from the hike he took.  I’m out of shape for traveling at the moment – working to remedy that starting today because the Tone It Up girls have released this year’s Bikini Series, and I am totally taking this 8 week series by storm.  I went shopping and mapped out my first week of food and exercise routines and hopefully progress will flow in a positive direction.  Anything to help me prep for my travels is a good thing!

After an eventful wedding day Saturday, Sunday was full of relaxation and catching up on some various errands like editing the Maleficent series.  I tell you, this particular segment has had me in a whirlwind trying to develop the best way to edit the photos so they are unique to what I normally do.  I’ve been inspired by other photographers I know using layering techniques and decided to try my hand at it.  For the particular story involved, I think it works wonders and adds an extremely gorgeous and intense element.  I usually don’t stray too far from my classic techniques, but this really shook me up and made me change that.  It’s a very unique take on the story and deserves an equally such edit.  Still a work in progress, I hope you enjoy the two samples below from my experimentation.

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