Why the Color Purple Deserves to be Pantone’s Color of the Year

Last year Pantone named Emerald as color of the year for 2013.  This was a gorgeous choice and tied in nicely to the release of movies like The Great and Powerful Oz which inspired a styled shoot for us last January (which was gorgeous!).  This year, the Pantone professionals have opted for another jewel toned option to inspire the weddings of the season.

Radiant Orchid.  Just the name emanates something overwhelmingly powerful.  Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this shade of purple fused with pink and fuchsia into your wedding day?

Though just a shade of purple, Radiant Orchid opens the door for so many gorgeous wedding inspirations.  Purple is a fantastic addition to any wedding because of it’s versatility on so many levels (also take into consideration it photographs beautifully).  It’s an amazing color fit for every season and every sort of bride from the delicate, whimsical, modern, elegant, and dramatic.  Not many colors can do that.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.  Purple can be both delicate and bold, so whether or not you want a whimsical wedding or an enchantingly dramatic black tie wedding it is the perfect choice the make the day burst with much needed color.  You can find bridesmaid dresses in lovely colors like lilac or lavender to satiate the pastel lover.  Then for the bold bride, there’s the allure of a deep violet.  What makes purple an even more amazing choice is the fact that it looks great on everyone!  Blondes, brunettes, redheads, you name it, they all look good in a shade of purple.  It’s also a color that looks really wonderful on men.  Hello handsome.

Florals.  You could take this literally or go with the color scheme, because orchids are a really gorgeous, romantic flower to begin with.  You could get really dedicated and get an orchid orchid, but no one’s twisting your arm to do that.  Dried lavender is a wonderful bouquet and even gives you a lovely scent to carry throughout the day to calm your nerves.  It’s simple and doesn’t take attention away from you.  You can find purple roses, gerber daisies for playfulness, hydrangeas, or calla lillies.  Those are really basic choices, so remember the dozens of other floral options at your disposal when you ask your florist.  Some of my favorite unique flowers than can be found in purple are anemones.  They have such a gorgeous look that is really striking.  I also love white anemones with a purple center, which is perfect if you are planning a more understated incorporation of purple into the day.  This version is even more dramatic (I think) than the all purple anemone.  You can even add a purple ribbon to the bouquets instead for the pop of purple you desire if the flowers you want are a different color.  White and purple go together beautifully.  Purple also goes perfectly with succulents which I am obsessed with!

Now there are a million other ways purple can be infused in your wedding day from garters to tables capes to purple petals thrown after your first kiss that it is overwhelming.  You could even have your wedding at a lavender farm which is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!  I have just talked about some of my favorite things to photograph at weddings that would look gorgeous as purple accents.  Even if purple isn’t your dream color choice for your wedding day, you can certainly appreciate the beautiful versatility it brings to the table so check out my purple inspired wedding board on Pinterest for visual ideas!

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I still love emerald and decided to reshowcase the Oz wedding because I could never get enough of it.

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